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Shailendra Khandal Charanjeet Singh Anil Godara


Jasminum OfficinaleL. leaf had been collected form herbal garden of dravyagunavigyan, National Institute of Ayurveda and Botanical Authenticate Botanist of Institute of Biomedical and Industrial Research, the microscopical sections of the specimen were made and examined microscopically. Moisture content was determined by placing weighed sample of 5gm of drug in oven at 105º for 5 hours, The pH value of an aqueous liquid measured by using digital pH meter. Calculate the percentage of alcohol-soluble extractive with reference to the air-dried drug. Proceed as directed for the determination of alcohol-soluble extractive, using distilledwater instead of ethanol, Determination of Petroleum Ether Soluble Extractive (Fixed Oil Content,The total ash method is design to measure the total amount of material remaining after ignition, Water – soluble ash value determined as per Pharmacopoeia of India 1996, Freshly prepared extracts were tested for the presence of various active phytocompounds like phenols, tannin, flavonoid, protein, reducing sugar, carbohydrates, lipids, saponin, triterpenoid alkaloid, resins, volatile oils, anthraquinone and Quinone. TLCTest sampleChloroform extract of Leaf JasminumOfficinale Petroleum Ether extract of Leaf JasminumOfficinaleTolune:Ethylacetate:Formic acid (6:3:1) USED AS mobile solution, extract prepare byFresh leaves were collected, shade-dried and powdered mechanically. About 60 g of the leaf powder were extracted with 600 ml of chloroform and petrolium ether each by maceration at room temperature for 7 days. The extract was obtained by vacuum distillation and dried at 40º C and the yield of the chloroform extract and petrolium ether extract was 26% and 22% respectively. acute toxicity study determined byRats were kept overnight fasting prior to drug administration. Six animals for each extract JasminumofficinaleL. leaf chloroform extract (JOL-CE) and ether extract (JOL-EE)] were used which received a single oral dose (2000 mg/kg, body weight for each extract). After the administration of JOL-CE and JOL-EE, food was withheld for further 3–4 h. EVALUATED BY Acid secretory parameters like gastric volume, pH, free and total acidity &Ulcer Index,Histopathological evaluation of ulcers. aspirin induced ulcer in rats were expressed as mean ± S.E.M. Data were analysed by two way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Tukey's multiple comparisons test using Graph pad Prism 7 software, with the level of significance set at P < 0.05 (at 95 % confidence interval).

Keywords: Jasmine, Helicobacter pylori, JasminumOfficinale, Anti-Ulcer

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Khandal, S., Singh, C., & Godara, A. (2018). EVALUATION OF ANTI-ULCER ACTIVITY OF CHLOROFORM AND ETHER EXTRACT OF JASMINUM OFFICINALE L. LEAF. Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research, 7(1). Retrieved from http://jbpr.in/index.php/jbpr/article/view/506
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